Facade 1.1 Virus free

Note: Facade works on Windows ME only for XP. It does not work on Vista or higher. Interactive adventure game Facade with a unique artificial free intelligence (AI) that its role is to avoid breaking the wedding.

Developers describe facade because it is more complex than “an attempt to go beyond the traditional to create a hyperlink or branch-fully accomplished, with one hand the interactive drama, which rhyngddisgyblaetholpennu artistic practices and artificial intelligence technology.”You play the game and a couple of old friends called Grace and Trip, who described the developers as” attractive marriage successful in their thirty-one and a few years and substantial. “

The plot is as follows: During a night meeting in his apartment on ugly things (it is unclear why) and is somehow the destruction of Grace and priodasailfodelu trip. No one is safe on the front as the charges fly, the parties are taken and onomkeerbaarBesluite be adopted that could destroy homesHappy However, you aim is to ensure that Grace and Trip finally get together, as opposed to expensive divorce proceedings.

To control your character, you must touch to interact with other characters, with the arrow keys to navigate and retrieve and use objects with the mouse cursor. What amcymeriadau says, affects your behavior and kiss and do, although it is not an exact science. You can not respond to you in a somewhat strange way for various wagOomblikke reaction or character.

O FacadeIt’s the biggest problem that is already amazingly popular during the year, but it has not been updated to work on Vista, or it’s a big shame. If you are still XP for Windows ME, you can play ffasâd.Yn Meanwhile, those who do not enjoy the game, which is dedicated to one of the many YouTube video script for the front.

It’s unfortunate that the facade is latest versions of Windows will not work, because it is a very original concept and offers more than some laughs to solve the marital conflict.